Beltinka’s mission is to use our extraordinary knowledge and technological capacity to produce knitted products of highest quality and thus satisfy the wishes and requests of our customers.


Our core values are:

  • genuine partnerships with our customers and business partners
  • respectful and full commitment to business partnerships
  • developing sound relationships with our employees that ground on integrity and mutual respect
  • high quality products and an uncompromising flexibility
  • ecological and corporate social responsibility


As the only knitting factory in Slovenia, Beltinka’s vision is to remain present in the European market as a company that implements the goals of its clients based on knowledge and technological experience.

Company Profile

Beltinka, tovarna pletenin Beltinci, d.o.o., has a vibrant and rich history. Its beginnings date back to the 1920s whereby it was since then restructured several times. At present, Beltinka employs around 40 employees and is thus classified as a small-sized company.

The core activity of Beltinka Beltinci d.o.o. is the manufacturing of knitted womenswear and menswear, as well as technical textile. Knowledge and endless development, the advanced technology, our flexibility, expertise, short delivery periods and small batch manufacturing of high quality products – these are all our main advantages that result in customer loyalty.

Beltinka constantly develops its competitive advantage, provides for the manufacturing process to remain highly flexible and observes agreed-upon short delivery periods. We are specialized in the manufacture of small batches and unique products for very demanding customers. We are in principal engaged in serial production but often take on also smaller batches. We strive to remain creative and unique, as the customers always expects exceptional results that must satisfy their needs and expectations.
The genuine and professional relationship with our customers provides for mutual trust and enhances the business performance.